Pet Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy


Pet Teeth Cleaning Chew Toy


  • This product features a suction cup mechanism that can be used to attach it to the floor or to the tile glass. A single ball is used in the standard pet ball, which is very easy to lose.
  • The built-in sound system in the ball model will pique pets’ attention. Molars in general are hollow on the inside.
  • The rope is made of the same substance as the body armor, making it resistant to the tiger’s bite and pull.
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360° chewable TPR material can effectively clean dog teeth. The double-layered tooth ridge can effectively remove the dog’s calculus, tartar and bad breath, and keep the dog’s mouth clean

The rope uses the same material as body armour. The balls and suction cups are made of approved food grade bite resistant TPR materials.

It can also be used as a slow feeder or snack dispenser to allow pets to develop healthy eating habits and reduce gas.

The powerful suction and super-tough ropes can limit your dog to play in a fixed range. Suction cup can be attached to floor or flat surface. Please note that it can only stick to flat surfaces and the spot should be clean before put it on.

Playing with this toy will relieve pet’s anxiety when they are at home by themselves, preventing them from destroying furniture and clothes.

How to use it?

–It sticks to flat surfaces well but not stick well to wood laminate, please clean the spot clean before putting it on the floor.
–In order to press the suction cup firmly, please step on the suction cup with your feet instead of pressing it with your hands.
–If you want to remove the suction from the floor, please pull the triangular protrusion first.


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